Cable Slides
Cobra Rod $13.99
Long Rod, for use on most bows. Screws into riser below the grip 3/8" in diameter.
Saunders Z-Rod $18.99
Has a deeper bends, allowing ample cable over-travel. Centerless ground finish provides the smoothest, most consistent cable guard travel.
Alpine Mach 5 Glide Slide $18.99
Features a teflon slide surface, press fit into rubber and vibration dampening sleeve. Utilizes a 3/8" Diameter cable guard. High Definition Camo.
Radius Cable Slide $15.99
Teflon slide with cable grooves cut in an arc to match the cables. Slots cut with are to increase cable and arrow speed.
Saunders Hyper Glide
Replaces any 3/8" slide, which ports the cables under the rod. Produces the lowest rod friction, the lowest cable wear and highest shooting consistency.
Sims Cable Slide
Made from the finest grade of pure virgin teflon, reduces cable wear with the least amount of friction. Has fall-away attachment points.
Cavalier Slippery Slide Cable Guide
Our new Slippery Slide Cable Guide incorporates a tough Teflon filled material along with an innovative design that allows you to attach the pull cord from our Fall Away Rests. The set screw will secure the pull cord and allow you to tune your rest in minutes. The Slippery Slide can also be used with most other fall away rests.
Carbon Express Teflon Universal Cable Slide
3/8" rod, 100% Teflon® eliminates friction and noise, Precise, machined construction
NAP Carbonglide Cable Slide $12.99
A high performance teflon/carbon blend cable slide designed for ultimate strength and smoothness. Works on most bows with a 3/8" cable bar.
U-Nique Super Slide Cable Guide $11.99
This 100% Teflon Super Slide translates into increased durability for a longer life of the cable guide and a decrease in friction for faster arrow flight. Designed for use on 3/8" diameter cable guards - it's just as effective on 5/16" diameter. Created for either the cable style or fast flight buss cable systems. Easy to install.
U-Nique Spider Bullet Slide $7.99
Black bullet slide made of high grade delron material. 3/8" cable slide. Reduces friction and noise.
Winners Choice Delrin Weather Tamer $19.99
The new Weather Tamer cable slide is a precision machined slide and is designed for consistent performance no matter what Mother Nature deals out. The unique fluted slide aperture design insures no chatter and consistent friction wet or dry, which boils down to unequaled consistency under the most rigorous conditions. Also the unique cable groove design lets the buss cable move naturally in the lateral direction during the shot, which produces less drag and more consistency. Rounded radiuses provide excellent resistance to cable wear. This product is a must have for any serious bowhunter or target archer.
Martin Cable Continment System $31.99
This new CCS retaining system replaces the carbon cable guard rod on most 2009 Martin models. Improve the performance of your '09 Bengal, Cheetah or Leopard bow through increased cable tension and reduced vibration. Installation will create an increase of approximately five pounds of draw weight.
October Mountain Teflon Speed Slide $13.99
TEFLON SPEED SLIDE, Drop-away capability allows rest cord attachment, Teflon construction for maximum, smooth performance .
First String Cable Slide $10.99
Teflon Cable Slider FS915 The slide was developed using a Teflon filled Delrin material developed to eliminate cable slide chatter and decrease the wear on cables. This slide incorporates a hole for a fall away rest cord to be inserted along with a set screw to secure the cord. This allows for string adjustments and arrow rest tuning to be done without the possibility of damage to the bow's cable during tying and untying of the arrow rest cord.
PSE Red Cable Slide $7.99
PSE Cable Slide $7.99
Replacement cable slide reduces friction and makes the draw cycle smoother, thus improving speed and accuracy. Fits only PSE bows manufactured from 2011–2013.
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