Black Powder Loaders & Cappers
Traditions .50 Caliber Inline Shooter Kit $25.99
209 capper, • Bullet starter, • Magnum quick loaders, • Bronze cleaning brush (10/32 thread), • Cleaning/Loading jag (10/32 thread).
Traditons Revolver .44 Caliber Shooter Kit $49.99
This kit includes everything you need to start shooting. Kit contains powder flask, adjustable powder measurer, deluxe nipple wrench w/pick, #11 straight line capper and Wonderlube 1000 plus Wonder Wads.
Knight #11 Capper Brass $22.99
This in-line capper from Knight is made from solid brass and holds 10 caps. If you want a capper that is as durable as your Knight rifle, this is the capper of choice.
RMC Cash 209 Primer Capper $19.99
Cash 209 shotgun primer is constructed of all brass. Provides easy storage and dispensing of the primers.
Thompson Center In-Line Capper $15.99
Solid brass body with steel jaws. This unique design allows the plunger spring to be locked in compressed position for easy loading. Completely American made, it holds seventeen #11 Percussion Caps.
Traditions Synthetic 209 Capper $12.99
This lightweight synthetic 209 capper holds a primer on each end and three in the middle for reserves. Includes a lanyard loop.
Traditions Musket Capper $12.99
The Musket Capper is lightweight and holds 8-musket caps.
Traditions Straight Line Capper $15.99
Solid brass body carries 15 #11 caps ready for precise dispensing.
Traditions 209 Primer Capper Brass $22.99
Designed to hold 12-209 primers. Easy to use, just squeeze lanyard loop to remove from body, load primers and replace lanyard loop. Can be used on most in-line muzzleloaders.
Knight Full Plastic Jacket/Decapper Tool $7.99
The Full Plastic Jacket/Decapper tool is made for the Disc System rifles.
Traditions Muzzleloading Rain Gear $12.99
Ten of Traditions unique muzzle mitts to keep rain, snow and other moisture out of your guns bore, and 10 cap guards to keep your percussion cap safe and in place.
CVA Powerbelt Speed Clip Loading System $8.99
For ease of carrying, ease of access and speed of loading, nothing beats the PowerBelt Clip. The "Clip" holds 3 loading tubes in which the shooter preloads his favorite PowerBelt Bullet and pelletized-power charge. Tubes can be cut for proper fit of the desired charge. The "Clip" attaches to the belt or sling just like a knife sheath, or can be worn on a lanyard around the neck. It also hold's 4-209 primers at the ready for quick capping.
CVA Rapid Loader .50 Cal Green $5.99
Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion. Includes pocket clip. 3 per card.
CVA Magnum Speed Loader/Pyrodex Pellets $5.99
The Magnum Speed Loader allows shooter to preload magnum loads for quick reloading in the field. Capable of holding three 50gr Pyrodex Pellets plus a saboted bullet, but will also work with lighter pellet loads of even loose powder. Straight push-through design for maximum ease and speed in the reloading process. 3 per pack.
Knight Fiber-Lite Speed Shells $11.99
With the Knight Fiber-Lite Speed Shells, you can always have one complete load ready for fire. This unique shell holds powder charge in one end and sabot/bullet projectiles in the other. The integrated short starter assists in starting the bullet into the rifle. Package of 3.
RMC Mag EC-View Speed Shells $9.99
Holds 150 gr. of powder or 3-50 gr. pellets and bullet. Waterproof. Pack of 3.
Traditions Ammo Tubes .50 Caliber $15.99
Perfect for storage of extra projectiles, Pyrodex Pellets, lead shot, sabots, etc. Can also be use for a magnum fast loader. 5-1/2" in length can be cut down to any length.
Traditions 5-IN-1 Loader
An affordable ball/bullet starter, powder measure, palm saver, built-in capper and powder/projectile holder, all in one easy-to-carry, easy-to-use, easy-to-see tool.
Traditions Universal Magnum Fast Loader $15.99
Handy container to hold projectile and premeasured powder. Each tube can hold up to 150 grains of loose pelletized powder.
Traditions Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader $13.99
Holds three 50-grain pellets in one end and a projectile in the other. The tops can be used as a capper, one #11 and one musket. "T" functions as a ball starter. 2-Pack
Knight Primer Loading Tool $11.99
Easily presses 209 primers into Full Plastic Jackets.
Knight Range Rod $47.99
33.5" overall length. Solid aluminum rod and T-Handle. Brass cleaning jag. Extra length allows you to reach completely through the barrel and receiver when cleaning.
CVA Fiberglass 50cal Ramrod $13.99
Flexibility to bend without breaking. 3' length for you to custom fit. 11/32" dia. 10-32 thread.
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Traditions 30" Custom Aluminum Ramrod $13.99
•What makes this ramrod unique is the ability to cut it to the desired length you need. •One side of the ramrod is tapped with 10/32 threads
Traditions Rotating Jag (50cal) $8.99
•Traditions Rotating jag makes loading an ease. •The end of the jag spins with the rifling in the barrel to allow for easy loading of your sabots, conicals or round balls.
Traditions Soft Touch Quick Loader $9.99
Traditions Soft Touch belt holster is the perfect fast loader for follow up shots.
RMC Magnum Ecloader $35.99
The Magnum EC-Loader can be used with both loose powder and pellets. The longer loading cylinder allows using 3-pellets and a sabot bullet. Clear tubes allows quick visual confirmation of loads available in the speed loader. Available in .50 caliber only.
CVA Fiberglass Ramrod Universal Caliber (36") $11.99
•Flexibility to bend without breaking. •3' length for you to custom fit. •10/32" diameter and 10/32" threads.
CVA Palmsaver Ramrod (.50cal) $27.99
•A solid aluminum rod with a special jag on one end that is threaded. •The actual PalmSaver, or knob, attaches to this threaded jag and is configured in a way that allows it to be left on the gun while firing. •For the shooter, the rod can be removed quickly for loading a second shot, and, most importantly, the PalmSaver knob protects the palm while he seats the next bullet. •The rod also comes with a 4" jag extension which, when attached to the opposite end, converts the ramrod into a full length range rod.
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