Duck/Goose Calls
Haydel's Compensator Speck Call $21.99
This Speck call eliminates all the guess work with hand position as the baffle is designed where you can blow straight through the call holding it with only two fingers for the perfect yodel.
Haydel's Compensator Woodduck Call $15.99
Every squeal and whine a woodduck makes can be created on this call. The Compensator is configured so that no hand manipulation is necessary to create the squeals however the rubber can be changed to create new sounds.
Haydel's Carbon Kwacker Double Reed Mallard $45.99
The CK2 features double reeds and gives you a call like no other. This call has a carbon fiber finish that makes it stand out in a crowd. One fine looking call.
Haydel's Cocacrylic Mallard $62.99
A handsome cocabola, blowing barrel, combined with the irresistible sound of an injectable acrylic exhaust barrel. Double reed and blows wet. Lanyard included.
Haydel's Double Reed Cajun Squeal $21.99
Great call for finesse calling slightly higher pitched. Produces the squeal at the end of each note.
Haydel's Magnum Pintail $11.99
Super loud, for pintail, widgeon, teal and the mallard drake. It's also an easy to use call.
Haydel's Double Reed Mallard "The Deceiver" $19.99
Features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale, this call has won many "meat calling contests". However, it is not recommended to use in world class competition.
Haydel's Variable Tone Mallard Call $21.99
Opening and closing the hole in the exhaust barrel allows the caller to sound like two different mallards. Closed for older hen, open for higher pitch of younger hen.
Haydel's Canada Honker Goose Call $19.99
Produces deep guttural tones. Has excellent cluck and crying comeback call. Very popular with Maryland's eastern shore guides as a tool of the trade because it's impervious to moisture and it's easy to blow.
Haydel's Magnum Goose Honker $28.99
This resonant chamber style Canada call spawned out of the popularity of the H-81. It offers deeper-goosier tones and is very easy to learn on.
Haydel's Wood Duck "Squealer" $13.99
Produces the squealing sound of the wood duck coming to roost.
Haydel's "Redleg" Mallard $32.99
Designed to give the finest impersonation of a "susie mallard"; this call is hand tuned by professionals and blows wet. Double "O" ring construction insures a tight seal; while the double reed system provides the resonance. Includes lanyard.
Knight & Hale Pit Boss $22.99
The Knight & Hale Pit Boss short reed clucker goose call features the "worn-in" guts for more hollow, realistic sound. The smaller end-piece diameter means that it takes very little back pressure to create natural sounding calls, making for a call that is more effective at working close-in geese.
Knight & Hale Double Cluck Plus $19.99
Knight & Hale game calls has developed the most significant breakthrough in goose call design since the tube call. This is the call that will make a sound by inhaling and exhaling from the same end. This patented call will make the excited double cluck just like a wild goose.
Knight & Hale Magnum Clucker $15.99
The Magnum Clucker is a world class call that makes all goose sounds! This call has a very special hand-shaved reed. It's an exceptional call.
Primos Classic Wood Duck Call $19.99
The Classic Wood Duck Call sounds like Wood Ducks in flight or sitting on the water, the high quality hardwood barrel gives you rich tones that wood ducks can't resist.
Primos Loretta Hen $41.99
This classy double reed duck call is crafted from select hardwood. The hardwood barrel and stopper allows you to reproduce the sounds that ducks literally die for. From subtle close-in calling to loudmouth nagging. Contoured to fit the shape of your hand.
Primos "Mastering Duck Pak" DVD $22.99
Learn to Master The Art of Waterfowling through Team Primos' most powerful hunting tool-calling. Practice along with us as we teach you the fundamentals and advanced techniques on duck and goose calling. Included: Mastering the Art-Waterfowl and the Original Wench.
Primos "Mastering the Art" Goose Pak $33.99
If goose hunting is going to be your focus, this is the pack for you. Our Mastering The Art waterfowl DVD focuses on goose flutes and short reed goose calls like the Honky Tonk. Follow along with the video and master the Honky Tonk. Included: Mastering the Art Waterfowl and Honky Tonk call.
Primos Timber Wench $18.99
Patented "ridges" and "ditches" on the sounding board keep the call from sticking or freezing while giving the call its raspy highs and lows. Super-hard polycarbonate barrel for intense volume.
Primos the Original $18.99
This double reed mallard call is made of internal graphite parts for the highest composite conductor of sound. Fixed floating wedge guides and notched reeds for perfect reassembly after cleaning. Unique ridges and ditches make The Wench impervious to sticking.
Primos Canada Goose Flute $21.99
Unique flex-end hose creates automatic back pressure making it the easiest flute to blow. "Reed Relocation" system allows you to take call apart and reassemble with perfect returning every time.
Primos Honky Tonk Goose Call $29.99
The Honky-Tonk is a short reed call which produces all of the sounds of Canada geese. This call is so easy to blow, you will be able to master it in no time. It enables you to call with minimal back pressure. To keep the call from sticking, due to moisture, we have crafted it with the patented ditches on the sounding board. The patented reed system lets you take the call apart for cleaning and put it back together correctly every time.
Primos Big Easy Goose Call $35.99
The Big Easy is an easy-to-use, wooden, flute-style call which is very goosey. To keep the call from sticking, due to moisture, we have crafted it with the patented ditches on the sounding board. The patented reed system lets you take the call apart for cleaning and put it back together correctly every time.
Primos The Nag Duck Call $16.99
The Nag is a single-reed easy-blowing call for those call shy mallards.
Primos High Roller Duck Call $16.99
Never before has producing the rolling, fluttering whistle of the pintail been done so easily. The roller built into the High Roller makes the whistle flutter automatically just like the whistle of ducks. The High Roller also reproduces the mallard drake grunt and whistle of the widgeon and teal.
Primos Duck Whistle & Drake Grunt $8.99
The Duck Whistle and Mallard Drake Grunt call easily reproduces the calls of four species of ducks-pintails, widgeons, greenwing teal and mallard drakes.
Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle $8.99
Thanks to our distinctive design, you now have a much more versatile duck and bird whistle at your disposal. The flexible body allows callers to squeeze the end and change tones to produce the natural sounds of multiple Pintails, Widgeon, Teal, Mallard, Drake, Quail, and Hawks.
Flextone Camo HTR Double Mallard $11.99
In our quest to sound more and more like a duck Wiley Outdoor Products developed flextone technology to more accurately mimic the soft flexible tissue of a ducks neck and tongue. Combine this soft, flexible design with our easy to use double reed toneboard that will get nasty, put it all in a natural camo pattern barrel and you have one killer duck hunting call.
Flextone R/T Canada Goose $18.99
The flextone Camo Hunter Canada Goose is just a plain old goose call except that flextone technology gives you the most natural sound you can get in a call, plus the ability to control volume and tone by squeezing and releasing the soft flexible barrel to sound like a whole gaggle of geese. It also has a short reed toneboard that will get super fast and loud. Ok, so maybe it is not just a plain old goose call but at least it is not flashy, since it comes in a natural camo pattern.
Flextone R/T Double Mallard $15.99
This call features flextone technology in the exhaust bell to give you the most natural sound possible. The soft flexible end more accurately mimics the soft flexible tissue of a ducks neck and tongue to produce true duck sounds every time. The double reed toneboard makes this call easy to use and versatile, flextone technology makes it ducky on the low end and the hard polycarb barrel gives it enough volume to call ducks anywhere. With a call this versatile we had to cover it in Realtree's Max-4 camo that incorporates cattails, millet, milo, corn stalks, sunflowers oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life into the pattern. You need a call and camouflage that works wherever the ducks are.
Flextone Wood Duck $11.99
This is where the flexibility of our breakthrough design really comes through. By squeezing, bending and releasing this duck calls soft body you can produce a full range of vocalizations. Mix up the sequences to achieve the flying squeal, the water whine or any sound in between.
Haydel Blue & Snow Goose Call $15.99
Produces shrill, raucous sounds of Blue and Snow Goose. Easy blowing allows some guides to blow 2 calls at a time.
Haydel Gadwall Call $15.99
This is one of the few calls that lets you accurately speak the language of the gadwall. Creates the "tat-tat" sound of the drakes as well as the nasally quack of the hens.
Haydel Magnum Wood Duck $22.99
After many years of Haydel's costumers asking for a louder call for wood ducks they have finally released the Haydel's WM-07 Magnum Wood duck call. Donít forget to choke it down when they get in close though!
Haydel Pink Mallard Call $21.99
Haydel's pink Mallard double-reed duck call.
Hydel Big Barrel Cutdown Mallard $22.99
Our new mallard call is a hybrid of two of our most popular calls the Cutdown and Big barreled calls from the past. Aggressively tuned to handle most any situation you will encounter.
Knight & Hale Wood Duck $10.99
Knight & Hale's redesigned Wood Duck Call accurately reproduces the contented quiver and the high-low calls of the woodie.
Primos Pro Mallard Call $13.99
Easy blowing single reed duck call. The tuning hold in the bell lets you change the tone and pitch. Includes lanyard.
Flextone Supernatural Double Reed Mallard $28.99
Double reed for super easy and versatile calling. Larger port hole for easier manipulation of close range calls. Laser engraved brushed aluminum brand. Soft touch body for realistic tones. Barrel and bell in Realtree AP Black camo for total concealment.
Flextone Supernatural Single Reed Mallard $28.99
Single reed for super easy and versatile calling. Larger port hole for easier manipulation of close range calls. Laser engraved brushed aluminum band. Soft touch body for realistic tones. Barrel and bell in Realtree AP Black camo for total concealment.
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