Scent Eliminating & Cover Scents
Borders Crossing Earth Cover In A Stick $12.99
This product contains all of the scents and smells of the natural earth. Earth scent allows you to blend into any environment. Deer and Elk are naturally attracted to fresh dirt because it is a source of new over turned minerals and fresh vegetation. This product works especially well around active working farms. Easy to use, no spilling or leaking, Will not freeze or break down in temperatures under 100 degrees. Its quick application to all types of surfaces in your hunting area makes this product the most POWERFUL natural cover scent on the market today.
Cover Up Original Formula $9.99
A human scent camouflage to cover body odors while you still hunt and also hides your entry trail when you are stand hunting. Just apply "Cover-Up" to your boots and clothing and overcome a big game animal's best defense, his incredible ability to smell danger. Proven effective on whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, antelope, caribou and coyote. 4 oz. bottle or 16 oz. refill.
Cover Up 4-Day Formula $9.99
One application lasts up to 4 days, apply to boots and clothing and can also be used to oil guns. Waterproof boots.
Harmon Cover Scents $9.99
Stealth hunting is easier with Harmon's field-tested cover scents, just spray on and blend in. All bottles are 2 fl. oz. with a convenient pump spray.
Nature's Essence of Fall $18.99
Essence of Fall is a unique product that is actually made by extracting the essential aromas of fields and forests, making it a true "camo-scent." With Essence of Fall you now have 360° of hunting, because you no longer have to write off your down wind. 12 oz.
Pete Rickard's Cover Scent $8.99
This genuine scent is so pleasant you can use it liberally to ensure your concealment. 2 oz pump spray.
Buck Stop Scent Stop Eliminator Spray $9.99
Scent Stop Human Scent Eliminator spray is great for things you can't wash, as well as for a final touch-up to yourself before climbing into your stand. Use anywhere you need to wipe out human odor. Available scentless or with dirt smell.
Buck Stop Scent Stop Liquid Laundry Soap $9.99
Scent Stop Liquid Laundry Soap contains no perfumes or ultraviolet brighteners. Use it in cold wash and rinse to keep camo clothes from fading. It cleans great and rinses free.
Buck Stop Scent Stop Body and Hair Soap $8.99
Scent Stop antibacterial liquid soap eliminates scent and kills all odor-causing bacteria on contact and helps prevent the formation of new bacteria throughout the day. This lotion is a non-oily, water-based formula that won't stain clothing and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.
Nature's Essence Natural Wash 12oz $12.99
Nature's Essence Natural Wash contains a large percentage of 3 powerful odor fighters: chlorophyll, baking soda and a third natural odor eliminator that makes this product unique and far more effective. Concentrated for more lather. Use it as an all purpose soap for your body, hair, clothing, boots and equipment. 12 oz. squeeze bottle with flip top.
Atsko Sport Wash $8.99
Sport Wash restores soft and effectiveness to down and synthetic insulation. Rinses away completely leaving no residue. Cleans and deodorizes without leaving a scent. For machine or hand washing. Contains no bleach, phosphate or fabric softener. Biodegradable/septic safe.
Atsko U-V Killer/Sport Wash Combo $21.99
•Special hunter formula. •Unscented shampoo cleans and washes odor out of your hair. •Deodorizes your hair while it cleans. •8 fl. oz.
Deer Quest 32oz Scent Quest Eliminator $15.99
32 oz. scent eliminator
Whitetail Obsession Scent Eliminator
Whitetail Obsession deer lure is taking the industry by storm! With a 50 year old trapper's formula of deer urine, interdigital, preorbital, and tarsal gland secretions, Whitetail Obsession is simply irresistible! Whether you select the "Bowhunters Fatal Obsession", "Trophy Obsession", or "Doe Estrus" formula, you be confident you are using only the best in deer attractants!
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Farr Skunk Fusion Skunk Scent $29.99
Skunk Fusion is a two-part synthetic scent. Like two-part epoxy, it doesn't activate until mixed. When mixed, skunk fusion creates an intense skunk odor (just like a real skunk) that is designed to mask your scent.
Invisible Hunter Shampoo (8oz) $9.99
Invisible Hunter's Scent removing shampoo will leave your hair clean and soft while providing you the extra scent control the serious hunter seeks
Invisible Hunter Body Wash (8oz) $9.99
Invisible Hunter's Body Wash is all you need to remove body odors that are expelled through your pores. Our body wash is gentle on your skin, and extremely effective in providing you the extra scent control for the serious hunter
Body Guard 360 Scent Free Body Wash $13.99
360 degree Protection Leaves your body feeling clean and fresh Suppresses scent molecules No oily trace left Last for hours Leaves hair shinning and adds body An every day shampoo Repels ticks and chiggers Easy to pack on trips
Body Guard 360 Scent Suppression Spray (8oz) $13.99
Dry powder just add water anywhere stream, pond, or tap Weightless Will not freeze until activated 3 refills All natural Repels ticks and chiggers Scent free Endless shelf life No spill No tamper Airline approved
Body Guard 360 Travel Pack $33.99
Travel Pack of all four BodyGuard360 Products Scent Suppression Spray Scent Free Body Wash Concentrated Clothing Detergent Wind and Thermal Check
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Atsko Nodor Oxidizer Pro Kit $27.99
•When you need the ultimate odor control solution, the Pro Pump Kit is for you. •The kit includes; (1) 1 liter pressure bottle sprayer, (1) 4 oz trigger sprayer to carry in your pocket, 4 pairs of concentrate "A" and "B" mix, (makes 4 batches),(1) 4 oz Sport Wash detergent, and (1) 4 oz Hair & Body soap. •This makes over a gallonof N-O-DOR oxidizer. •This completely destroys all traces of human and organic odors. •100% guaranteed when used as directed. •Deodorizes clothing, hair, skin and all wetable surfaces quickly and safely. •It does not mask odors, it completely destroys them. •You are able to remain scent free all day. •Works equally as well on pet accidents, bathrooms, nurseries and vehicles.
Nosejammer Deodorant Bar (2.25oz) $8.99
•Goes on clear and will not bind or clump up. •They used the highest quality ingredients they could find. •This stuff will easily out perform and deodorant on the market. •No aluminum - no toxins.
Nosejammer Pro Pack $37.99
•Create the most effective and overwhelming Nose Jammer cloud with all 4 high performance products found in the Nose Jammer Pro Pack. •Contains: 16 oz. Shampoo & Bodywash, 16 oz. Laundry Detergent, 2.25 oz. Deodorant and 6 oz. Aerosol.
30-06 Outdoors Mo-Jo Scent Stick (5/8oz) $7.99
•No mess, goes on clear. •Lasts for days, won't evaporate like liquids. •No scent wicks. •Non-toxic. •5/8 OZ.
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